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How To Find Easy SEO Wins

Before starting on any huge improvements, I like to make sure I’m maxing out all current potential on my sites SEO-wise. It’s much easier to make some easy wins rather than starting something completely new.

If you focus on easy wins you will:

  • See quicker results
  • Spend less money
  • And improve overall SEO of the site

How To Find Easy SEO Wins

Here’s a chart of CTRs for an average SERP. This is the % of people that click through to the site based on the position that you are in Google.

Average CTR per position of a Google search

You can see how every position you move up makes an ENORMOUS difference in the amount of people visiting your site.

What I usually look for are keywords that I’m already ranking for that I didn’t know about, and see which ones just need optimized a bit more.

Here’s 3 easy ways to find keywords that you’re ranking for:

1. Let SEMrush do the work – SEMRush will show you a list of keywords that you rank for and you can export them really easily. Just hop into SEMRush, put in your domain, go to keywords, and export the list.

2. Mine your Google Webmaster Tools account for keywords – Webmaster tools will also give you a list of keywords that brought you traffic. Just hop into your webmaster tools account, go to Search Traffic, then Search Queries, then click “download this table”

3. Use your inbound anchor text – Get a list of keywords that are linking to you already. Just hop into ahrefs or your favorite backlink checker, export your anchor text.

How To Track Your Easy SEO Wins

Then see where you’re currently ranking:

Just take that list, hop into Fresh Metrix and paste all your keywords in there. In just a few min, you’ll have ranking data for all your keywords.

rank tracking

Any keywords that are hovering around the number 20 (top of page 2) that have decent traffic, you’ll want to take a look at how to optimize those to get them to page 1.

How To Optimize To Improve Your Rank – The Easy Wins Method:

  1. Move your target keyword to the front of your title tag
  2. Put your keyword somewhere within the first 2-3 paragraphs
  3. Put a link on your homepage with that anchor text to your page (your homepage has the most power)
  4. Link any offsite properties that you have to that page, for instance if you have a youtube channel, you can create a video about that

Record your actions in Fresh Metrix, then check back in a few weeks to see improvements while you’re working on big wins that take longer to implement.


Easy wins should always be fixed before starting on any new campaign (because they are easy!). Do you have any more tips? Leave them in the comments!

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Sean Corbett

I'm the co-found of Fresh Metrix SEO Rank Tracking Software.

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  1. Another tips is to spy on your competitors backlinks and get links only from websites that have higher DA than your website using your brand name and domain name as the anchor text.

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